Travels to interesting and ‘photogenic’ places to create images of Nature, Wildlife and People.  From Cuba, to Manitoba… from Iceland to The Galapagos… to Tanzania and Ireland thru 2019. Then… COVID 19 brought everything to a big screaming HALT.  All international travel stopped, even domestic travel severely restricted.  So, we focused on American experiences, particularly the Mid-Atlantic Region and Florida.  In July 2021, we relocated permanently to Fort Myers, FL and are finding a world of photo exploration within a 4 hour drive radius of our new home.

Photography travel anywhere creates opportunities to experience fascinating environments and create interesting images of wild places and wild critters.  We are delighted to showcase some of our photography on this website.  We hope you enjoy seeing the images as much as we did creating them.

Gryphon Images Photo Galleries

Here are galleries of images we've created on various photography trips, safaris and expeditions. They are 'kinda' in date order. Click on the 'thumbnail' image of any Gallery to open it up and enjoy!