HDR Photography

<h2><strong>High Dynamic Range Images</strong></h2> HDR - High Dynamic Range - is a digital photography 'post processing' technique used to create interesting effects and images by combining 3 to 6 individual images that are under, over and correctly exposed in order to have the maximum amount of data combined into a single image. It is also as close as I've ever come to creating paintings with my camera. The 'Ghost Musicians' images in this gallery were originally shot at the Perlan Observatory in Rekyjavik, Iceland during our October 2017 photo workshop there.  Walking up to Perlan from our hotel, there is a permanent installation of five bronze musicians outside the main entrance to the observatory.  The sun was behind the musicians that day and I had in mind to create a silhouette image of the bronze sculptures. Took several 'handheld' shots...none of them particularly inspired me...then a year later I added a piece of HDR software to my post-processing workflows and got to looking at those original images and thinking about seeing them differently.  Took 4 or 5 of those uninteresting shots and processed as HDR...what came out was a wonderful surprise in both sepia tone and black and white image of what I now call the "Ghost Musicians".  Creativity with a camera comes in a lot of ways...expected and unexpected!! The "Sun Slices" image in this gallery is from the August 2017 Total Eclipse Event in Hopkinsville, KY. These are about 5 or 6 individual images processed in HDR to create the effect in this one image.

Total Images: 4